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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sport Ident comes to the South East

Waterford Orienteers have moved with the times and purchased enough Sportident equipment to run their local events but what is Sportident? The best explanations are to be found on the International SI website and the UK Sportident website.
SPORTident equipment is used worldwide to identify, time and score competitors in many different types of event. The competitor carries a small electronic SI-Card. This is dipped into electronic stations, which are located at each checkpoint. At orienteering events the SI-Card is used to record that competitors have successfully visited the controls in the right order. The SI-Card stores a list of the locations and the times they were visited.
At the end of the event, the contents of the SI-Card are downloaded into a computer. Each competitor can be given a printout that provides a summary of their performance. Full results may be displayed at the event and uploaded onto a website.
Sportident cards will be available to purchase along with the annual club membership at the next event. If you do not wish to purchase a card, you will have to rent a card for 2 euro every time you go to an event. All club events from now on will hopefully use this system and most events elsewhere in the country also use this system so it is worth your while making the purchase.