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Saturday, February 21, 2009


POC's refer to Permanent Orienteering Courses not to Pat O'Connor! On a recent trip to Aberdeen, I visited Duthrie Park to see how they had set up a POC. This set of photos is to give people the idea of POC's. They can be set up in any park or local woodland and can be used at any time by schools, families,etc.
They may need to be chained to a tree if there is a risk of vandalism...
Markers can be screwed to a gate or fence

Markers can be up a tree or at ground level....

Sample of map available from the Aberdeen City Council

May be on a short post

A plaque that is being proposed for Irish POC's and which would be easy to replace. May not be suitable for all locations. Used in Cork City.

And another one from Sweden (thanks to DH)