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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sprint O format at the JK

The most obvious feature of this map at the 2009 JK Sprint held in the centre of Newcastle is that the main road, the A1 runs right through it.

Even when I had finished, I am not certain that I took the right route choices over and under the roads. The key though is to make the decision and stick to it. You cannot afford to change your mind or stop and think.

The scale is 1:4,000 which means that 1cm on the map represents 40 metres on the ground.

3 controls...just under 2 minutes, not 5 controls in the top 30, just under 8 minutes time to look at the pretty flowers...quickest leg 10 to 11 in 5th fastest time...slight pause in decision making, 58th on the short leg around the tennis courts to 16...another half minute error by taking the wrong way over the motorway to 17 (78th place on the leg)...steady in the next few legs around the university flourish, 9th fastest 22 to 23 and 3rd fastest on final sprint to the finish line. They always say that if you are fast at the end, you have left something out on the course!!!
End result: 3 minutes 33 seconds behind the leader in 37th place (out of 105 competitors) in the M50 course.