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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beautiful day out at Colligan

Over 60 competitors of all ages took part in the event at Colligan wood today.
Full results can be found at the IOA website. Thank you to Con (controls in), Angela (Registration) and Laura (photos and download) for helping run the event.
A couple of thoughts from the Planner: many of those on the Red course found difficulty distinguishing between a ride and a small track on the map. A ride is a firebreak between lines of trees. Sometimes they can have single trees growing in them. Sometimes there are additional extraction rides from recent forest activities that are not mapped. Check out the explanation of map symbols here.
Another problem was the Pit (control 221). In fact it was accurately mapped but confusion arose over additional extraction rides. The boulder on the opposite side of the path was incorrectly mapped and should have been 30 metres to the west.