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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tickincor review

A huge thanks to Thomas Callery and Pat O'Connor who planned and organised the event at Tickincor. Full results are now posted. At the end there were a small number who found the controls had been collected so I gave them in the results. The longer courses were won in good times (50 minutes on blue) which showed the experience of those who opted for the blue course. 205 proved almost inaccessible and depended on which way you made it through the windblow and the felled areas which were unclear on the map as there was computer crash just as courses were being finalised. It suited the more agile. This area is due for a remap during the summer. We hope that it did not put anyone off orienteering. It may be wise for some entrants to opt for the shorter courses with less technical difficulty. Thank you to all those who pre-entered as it made less work on the day of the event.