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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cub scouts invade Cariganore

The 4th round of the SE short course league took place at the WIT sports campus at Carriganore, Waterford. Almost 250 participated in a day of variable weather. The morning was beautifully sunny but from 12.30 until 2 there were torrential wintry downpours. It was so heavy that some abandoned half way round their course. I don't blame them.
A huge thanks to Norman and Elizabeth, Nigel, Jeni and Jordan, and Angela who all helped order the chaos of so many scouts, cubs and beavers in a short space of time.
The results are posted on the IOA website here.
Andrew Pim pipped his nephew Robert on the long course. Jordan Pim won the medium course ahead of Paloma Balado from Newtown, Denise O'Connor from St Pauls and Molly O'Shea from Newtown. Aislinn Callery had 15 seconds to spare over Zane Kramina (CorkO) on the short course.
Nigel and Norman giving instruction at the start

Before the storm

Apres le Deluge

Pressure at the start