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Thursday, October 30, 2008

There was a wood, a rare wood, a rattling wood...

Members of the De La Salle Scout troop took part in orienteering training at the Minaun, Faithlegg. Part 1 was a Trail O course where they had to choose the feature at each control site. Part 2 was a normal timed cross country event.

The main thing that most of the Scouts learned was that the feature shown is in the centre of the circle on the map!

1st : Matthew Carrick; 120 points; 25.42 minutes
2nd: Jana Cox; 120 points; 34.17 minutes
2nd: Kathia O’Rourke; 120 points; 34.17 minutes
2nd: Shauna Kavanagh; 120 points;34.17 minutes
5th ; Mark Duffy; 110 points; 25.42 minutes
6th: Ciara Murphy; 110 points; 38.56 minutes
7th: Cathal Ryan; 100 points; 25.42 minutes
8th: Jessica Carrick; 100 points; 38.56 minutes
9th: Bill Power; 100 points; 41.01 minutes
9th ; Darryl Drohan; 100 points; 41.01 minutes
11th: Jack Power; 100 points; 44.38 minutes
12th: Ben Murphy; 100 points; 44.38 minutes
13th: Eoin Falconer; 80 points; 40.01 minutes
14th: Ciaran Kelly; 70 points; 40.01 minutes
Michael Simpson: 110 points:Mp
Ryan Hennessey: 110 points; Mp
Tom Deegan: 110 points; Mp
Emily Costello: 100 points;Mp
Sarah Lawrence: 100 points; Mp
Aaron Mooney: 100 points; Mp
Robert Jacob: 100 points; Mp
Ross Phelan: 80 points ; Mp
Robert Parle: 70 points;Mp