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Monday, November 3, 2008

Tower Hill results

Planner: Andrew Cox; Controls out/in: Con Murphy
Download: Laura Cox; Registration: Jana Cox, Con Murphy; Start: Andrew Cox

Apologies to everyone on the Green course for the missing control (201). I have adjusted the times below...not quite sure how to do it on the IOA website. I have allowed 10 minutes as an average time between control 1 and 3. I have deducted any time spent over this (for instance Niall took over 57 minutes!).

Full results for all courses can be found at :

Green Course (amended results)
1: Lisa Honkasaari, W40: 100.44
2: Niall McEvoy, M16: 104.12
3: Roger Johnson: M65: 105.14
4: Laura Cox: W16: 126:20
5: Ray McEvoy: M45: 136.35
6: Ian Heggs: M55: 140.08