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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Faithlegg regain the Primary Schools Shield

The Waterford regional Primary schools event was held at Newtown School on December 4th with a total of 9 schools participating. There 74 teams of 4 (and sometimes 5) entered. The weather held off and eveything went off smoothly. A big thanks to all the teachers who supported the event; to Transition year students from Newtown school who put out and collected controls and acted as stewards on the courses; to club members Hugh Dobbs, Veronica Purcell and Jana Cox who looked after registration and download; to my fellow staff who lent a hand when they were not teaching and to thePrincipal of Newtown who allowed the event to go ahead.
The overall shield was recaptured by Faithlegg National School. Full results can be found on the IOA website
The following teams will receive prizes. This constitutes the first 3 teams in each category plus the leading team from each school. Teachers should contact me next week to arrange to get the prizes. Pictures will be uploaded at the weekend. If anybody has some nice pix, please send them to me.

1. Dunhill (Jonathan,Robert,Chris, Dillon) 19.36
2. Butlerstown (Mark,Daniel,Martin,Jack,Corey) 19.45
3. Faithlegg (Stephen,Simon,Luke,Shannon) 19.59
4. Faithlegg (Jamie,Darragh,Ruari,Jack) 20.42
5. Christchurch (Kyle, Jake, Ciaran,Fiachra) 23.53
7. Grangemockler (Phelim,Padraic,Patrick,Aisling) 28.06
8. Waterpark (David,Patrick,Brian,Valdrin) 29.07
14. Gaelscoil (Florian,Harry,Devin,Oisin) 52.16

1. Faithegg (Niamh,Annie,Emily,Amy) 23.47
2. John of Gods (Hayley,Hope,Jessica, Sarah) 30.32
3. John of Gods (Abresa, Susan,Aoife,Doireann) 31.41
7. Grangemockler (Caoimhe,Aine,Maria, Shauna) 34.22
10. Mercy (Ciara,Ciara,Sally,CJ) 38.53
12. Christchurch (Claire,Sophie,August,Bevin,Martha) 40.04
14. Waterpark (Catherine,Alimerl,Urte) 41.09
18. Butlerstown (Doireann,Sarah,Orla,Emily) 46.06
21. Gaelscoil (Jessica,Ciara,Emma,Aoife) 49.40

Overall results
1. Faithlegg: 18 points (Shield winners)
2. John of Gods: 49 points
3. Grangemockler: 52 points
4. Waterpark: 69 points
5. Mercy: 100 points
6. Christchurch: 104 points
7. Butlerstown: 116 points
8. Gaelscoil: 143 points