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Friday, November 29, 2013

Last Short course series event

The last Autumn short course series event takes place on December 8th at Kilkenny Castle. We will use the side entrance on Castle road. Please note that Registration will take place outside the grounds.
Current league standings can be found to the left of this blog under results.

On the Long course, it is a straight shoot out between the Pims. Andrew currently leads the way with 4816 points from best 4 events, followed by Jonathan Pim  (4725), Robert Pim (4687) and Nigel Pim (4324)  . Ian McHardy has 3741 points but needs to complete one more event. Brid Casey has the Ladies section sown up.
The Medium course is more variable as people switch between course lengths. Currently, Sue Pim leads with3267 points from 3 events. Liisa Honkasaari (2899), Jeni Pim (2615) and Frank Fogarty (2523)  have only 2 events completed so all to play for.

Jordan Pim (5783 points) has already won the Short course but who will be second? It is battle between Finlay McHardy (2817), Emma Pim (2778) and Aislinn Callery (2295)