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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Launch of POC at Kilkenny Castle

Well done to all those who completed courses today at Kilkenny Castle. There was a great range from beginners to experts and old timers, from 5 year olds from the Marble city to scouts from Kells, from local Cats to the men and women from the short grass county (Kildare) and the Deise to the Rebels.
We have waited many years to get permission to use Kilkenny Castle and were delighted with the response from the Mayor who launched a new permanent orienteering course in the Castle grounds and the OPW who put in the stakes.

A huge thanks to Pat Healy  and Gary Gordon who between them helped cut through the red tape. Pat was busy this morning drilling on plaques for the POC whilst I was setting out the long, medium and short courses for the punters.
Huge thanks to all the OPW staff for their help. Thanks to Angela on registration and Laura on computer for helping ensure everyhthng went off smooothly.

Special mention to Veronica Purcell who noticed the first control on the short course was in the wrong location...anybody else? A  fuller report and pictures will follow.