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Monday, April 14, 2008

League hots up!

The penultimate leg of the South East Orienteering League coincided with last Sundays Munster League Event at Tickancor wood near Clonmel. Despite the sunny weather there was a small turnout from club members. Full results from the event are posted on the IOA website
A big thanks to Thomas and Nuala Callery, John and Brid Casey and Justin May for all their hard work in organising the event.

In the South East league, 4 events count on all courses except the Orange and Yellow course where the best 3 results count.
Blue Course: Andrew Pim has an unassailable lead with 4907 points from 4 events.
Fighting it out for second place are Thomas Callery (Ajax) 2182 points, Norman Storey 2105, Ian McHardy 1946 and Pat Murphy (BOC) 1913.
Green Course: Pat O’Connor still leads the way with 2809 points followed by Con Murphy 2703, Liam O’Brien (CorkO) 2567, Niall McEvoy 2549, Willie Fitzgerald 2435, Thomas Keegan (3Roc) 2325, Pat Cadogan (CorkO) 2250, Liam Gahan 2184, Kevin Grant 2181, Orla Power 2178, Ian Heggs 2162, Anna Cronin 2029 and Ray McEvoy 1995.
Light Green: Angela Cox has a slender lead with 2501 points from Jana Cox 2468, Mark Duffy 2185, Bernie Duffy 2178, Veronica Purcell 2045, Jonathan Pim 1959, Aoife Meaney 1740 and Caoimhe O’Carroll 1477.
On the Orange Course, only Cian Cadogan has completed two events.
On the Yellow course, it is Eimear and Laura Kelly who lead the way with 2420 and 2391 points respectively. Next are Niamh Power 2230, Emma Pim 2156, Hannah O’Mahoney 1936, Isabella O’Mahoney 1927 and Andy Reidy 1665.

The final event takes place at Tramore on Sunday May 18th when prizes will be given out.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sport Ident comes to the South East

Waterford Orienteers have moved with the times and purchased enough Sportident equipment to run their local events but what is Sportident? The best explanations are to be found on the International SI website and the UK Sportident website.
SPORTident equipment is used worldwide to identify, time and score competitors in many different types of event. The competitor carries a small electronic SI-Card. This is dipped into electronic stations, which are located at each checkpoint. At orienteering events the SI-Card is used to record that competitors have successfully visited the controls in the right order. The SI-Card stores a list of the locations and the times they were visited.
At the end of the event, the contents of the SI-Card are downloaded into a computer. Each competitor can be given a printout that provides a summary of their performance. Full results may be displayed at the event and uploaded onto a website.
Sportident cards will be available to purchase along with the annual club membership at the next event. If you do not wish to purchase a card, you will have to rent a card for 2 euro every time you go to an event. All club events from now on will hopefully use this system and most events elsewhere in the country also use this system so it is worth your while making the purchase.

The Leagues go on

The orienteering event on Sunday 13th April is both a Munster League and a South East League event. The current placings in the South East League show that the Blue Course is being dominated by Andrew Pim who has completed the maximum 4 events with an unbeatable average of 1227. Second place is still up for grabs between Thomas Callery and Ian McHardy.
On the Green course, Pat O'Connor has the highest average (1405 from 2 events) but with 2 events left and best 4 to count, he can still be caught by Niall McEvoy, Thomas Keegan, Liam Gahan or Con Murphy. On the Light Green Course, Niall McEvoy leads the way but as he has gone up to Green since Christmas, he is likely to be passed out by Angela Cox, Veronica Purcell or any number of people who have only done one event so far, with two events remaining.
The Red course has been amalgamated with the Light green. The Orange Course has not been offered at all the events to date so the best three will count. this is still open to anyone to win but most likely from St Pauls Scouts. The Yellow course is still a close call with only the Kelly sisters, Eimear and Laura plus Emma Pim, Chris Reidy and Niamh Power the only ones to complete 2 of the 4 events so far.
The current standings in the Munster League should be available at the event and we await them being loaded to the IOA website.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Waterford Orienteers on the move

In recent years, there have been few Wato members taking part in the major events.
The Cox family joined over 100 other Irish orienteers for the annual JK event at Easter. This took part in very runnable terrain in Surrey, south of London. As well as the traditional 2 days individual event, there was a fast sprintO in the University of Surrey in Guildford and a muddy relay event south of Tunbridge Wells. Taking part in such a large event is a whole new year why not head to the North east of England for the JK?
This coming weekend, the Leinster Championships take place on Fair Mountain in County Wicklow. Laura and Andrew Cox will be joined by three generations of Pims at a range of different classes. Then it is back to Tickancor, near Clonmel for the Munster League event which we hope will attract all our members. This will use Sport Ident electronic system. The club have purchased 40 sport ident cards (dibbers) which will be on sale to members along with this years membership which have not been collected yet. The club have also purchased sport ident stations which will mean that all our events in future should use the electronic get your dibbers now!
Then it is on to Bere Island for the Irish Championships over the May Bank Holiday...Neil Dobbs will fly in from Poland to take part in the M21 elite whilst once again the Cox and Pim families will fly the flag for Waterford at other levels. Will we have enough to enter a relay team this year?