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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Massive turnout

The event on today (11th February 2016) had a massive turnout of 155 young and old at Kilkenny Castle. At least one member even came on their birthday (B.C.)
A huge thanks to all the helpers: Leonore (controls out/start), Joao (controls in), Jana (download), Julien (gofer), Angela (registration) and Thomas and  Conall (starts).
Thank you to Paul S for pointing out a potentially uncrossable wall that could have affected route choice on the long course. We will look into that site. Competitors will note that we have acted to put a dot beside the numbers to avoid confusing 6 and  on the map...we are learning all the time.
For those who did cross dangerous uncrossable walls, they are marked that way for safety reasons and myriad other reasons.
Thank you to Ja and Ju for the pix.