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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Castlecomer league event 22/11/15

An Intenational flavour was evident at the Castlecomer event with Germany, Latvia and Portugal all represented. A big thank you to John Casey and Thomas Callery who stepped in at the last moment to put out and recover controls when the planner was taken ill during the week. Thank you to the registration team of Elizabeth and Angela, Julien on download and Norman on starts. Good work all.

Scouts should note that they are really welcome at all events but it would be  a better experience for all concerned if they listen to advice at the start. Those on the start have a better idea of the suitability of courses. They can however only advise. We would ask leaders in general to be more proactive in making sure that scouts take easier courses, more suited to their capability. The length of course is irrelevant but the level of technicality is paramount. It is not acceptable to have scouts taking three hours on a light green course when they should have taken an hour on an orange course.

Thank you to the observant orienteer from the now defunct BVOC who pointed out that the symbol for significant/single tree used did not differentiate between broad leaved and coniferous in the control descriptions.

The single tree symbol in column 4  needs additional information in column 5 as to whether deciduous or coniferous when using ocad. I had never noticed this before.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Castlecomer event

On Sunday November 22nd there will be a regular league event (both Southeast league and Munster league!!). 
Courses will start between 11 and 1.
There will be a full range of courses on offer.

Brown 8.1km; 140 m climb, 27 controls
Blue 6.9km; 125m climb, 22 controls
Green 5.6km; 100m climb, 20 controls
Light green 4.5km; 80 m climb, 16 controls
Orange (red) 2.9km; 10 controls
Yellow (buggy friendly) 2.1km; 8 controls
Brown to light green courses will visit the quarry area.

Parking at the old brickworks quarry.