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Phone App orienteering in the SE

There are currently 2 phone applications that we are working with:
and MapRun.

For full details read below but quick links here for those who know what they are doing.
  • Link to Download Sporteering course maps here
  • Link to Download MapRun course maps here
All events can be found under Select Event/Ireland/southeast/Waterford.


MapRunF events are mostly for experienced orienteers except where medum or short is indicated. Beginners and younger orienteers should try a nearby permanent orienteering course (POC). The location of POC’s is on and/or for County Waterford:

To find  events search under Ireland/southeast


Read the instructions provided by John below on how to take part. 

First the details of where the courses are: Download course maps here 

  • Ballinakill woodsV26thJune20
    • Start and Finish at SE side of Ballinakill shopping in the carpark  S638103
    • Course length 5.2 km (optimum route)
  • Ballinakill Medium
    • Same start
    • Course length 3.8km
  • Georgian Waterford (learn a bit of history)
    • Start at gate of People's park S612119
    • Finish nearby at S610117 
    • Course length 4.3 km
  • Waterford Post V1 (all controls are post boxes)
    • Start at People's Park S610117 (or anywhere on the course, numbers re set)
    • Finish nearby at S612119 (or finish where you started)
    • Course length is 16.5km, suitable for experienced cyclists  nly, one way streets marked on course map, plan ahead. You may need a street map too as the orienteering map does not cover the entire area. Complete course at your own risk.
  • Tramore sand dunes (only for experienced orienteers, light green standard)
    • Start and Finish at pole S605006
    • Course length 3.5 km (straight)
  • Tramore inclusion park (short course suitable for young people and beginners)
    • Start and Finish at S583014
    • Course length 2km
  • Dunmore East V1
    • Start and finish at S687006 (close to St Andrew's church,, outside Light of Christ National school)
    • Course length (straight, 6.2 km optimum estimate)
  • DungarvanV1maprun
    • start and finish at X259925 (close to the pitch and putt course)
    • Course length 4.2 km (straight, c 7km optimum route)
  • Dungarvan Medium
    • same start
    • optimum course 4km
  • Fethard (Co.Tipperary)
    • start outside the Fethard ballroom at S204349 
    • finish in adjacent carpark at S203349
    • Course length 3.6km straight, approx 5.2km optimum distance
  • Lismore Long
    • start and finish at Heritage centre X 046 983
    • Course length 7km
  • Lismore medium V2
    • same start
    • course length 4.7 km
  • Lismore heritage V2
    • same start
    • course length 2.5km
  • Lismore practice
    • in town park, start by the toilets
  • Passage East Heritage
    • start at community centre playground
    • 1.7km length  max
  • Kilkenny Castle medium
    • start at gate S511554 
  • Kilkenny SW medium
    • same start
    • residential area only
  • Kilkenny SW Maprun Long
    • same start
    • both castle and residential areas

Maprun F – taking part on a course...instructions

Quick Guide

1: Download the MapRunF app

2: Complete the registration process

3: Select event from Ireland dropdown menu.

4: The name of the course should appear under the ‘Select Event’ box

5: The standard punch Tolerance is 15 (i.e. 15m, this can be viewed in the Options and Settings area).

     You may find that many of the controls will beep before you reach the precise feature – this will also

depend on your phone and how quickly it picks up GPS and if you are in a forest the tree cover can

also have an impact. The bottom line – if you are planning on using a GPS guided bomb to blow up

your next-door neighbour’s house then you might want to move out: there is a good chance that it

will be your house that will be destroyed!!

    6. In Options and settings, you may like to click: Display present location, display track, display         location pins BEFORE you go to start. There may be some possibility to change  settings although           some are fixed.

7: As you near the event – hit the ‘Go to Start’. A red dot will appear to tell you where you are

relative to the start. This dot will disappear once you start.

8: When you get to a control the phone will beep (like SI Air) and the control on the phone will turn

green. It is  a linear course, so take controls in the correct order.

9: At the end you will be able to see your track. Press the menu button and you can upload your

result under manual upload.

10: There is also a ‘Hitmo’ function – this will allow you to ‘give yourself’ any control that the phone did not beep at (due to reception issues/other distortions). This is set to allow you to ‘give yourself’ any control within 30m of your track but you can extend that BEFORE you hit the Start in Options and Settings.

 You are now almost ready to go – if you have a copy of the orienteering map with the course on it then print it out (you can use your phone). A copy of the course map can be obtained by downloading from:

Check where the start and finish are located on the information page (grid references given)    
You may switch off data roaming to save battery. You can upload results when back in range


Sporteering (currently in Counties Waterford and Tipperary)
The aim of Sporteering is to navigate around a series of controls and collect points as you reach each one. There are no physical markers on the ground. If you are within 15 metres of the feature, the app will indicate this. The Sporteering app will allow you to find events of locations where you can challenge yourself and others. Download the app from the Google Playstore or Apple app store and sign in to register interest.
6 simple steps to get you started:
    1. Find an event near you (Apply Events filter Ireland to reduce list. This is the symbol that resembles a funnel. Check the remember settings icon) e.g. Clonmel
    2. Use Google maps on phone (awkward) or Download course map here
    3. Scan the start point to start the clock
    4. Scan the controls to collect points as you find them. (You use GPS on your phone so remember to switch Location on)
    5. Scan the Finish code to stop the clock
    6. Upload score to website to compare with others (if you wish)

There are currently courses in 
    • County Waterford: Dungarvan, Kilmacthomas, Tramore sand dunes, Waterford peoples park, Kilbarry Amenity park.
    • County Tipperary: Carrick, Clonmel and Fethard