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Monday, February 24, 2014

Lismore Town Park Orienteering

Results of the short course training event held at Lismore Town Park:
Course A+B
Arlene 7.38; Alison 6.23; Molly 6.24; Noelle 6.24;Marie 6.26 ; Fiona 7.38 ;Laura 7.39 ;Karen 7.40 ;Sharon 7.43
Course C+D
Molly 4.01 ; Noelle 4.14 ; Fiona 4.52 ;Laura 4.52 ;Marie 7.43 ;Alison 7.46
Linear 1+2
Fiona 2.39 ;Laura 2.39 ;Sharon 3.32 ;Karen 3.36 ;Molly 3.39 ;Noelle ; 3.41 ;Arlene 3.44 ;Marie 4.53 ;Alison 4.54

Huge thanks to Norman for all his help and for these pictures

Lismore Instructors course

Lismore Heritage Centre hosted club members, Andrew Cox and Norman Storey who organised a basic instructors course for 7 enthusiastic participants. The venue for the morning session was the Towers whilst several young people were press ganged into taking part in Lismore park in the afternoon.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Permanent Orienteering Courses

Please have a look at the page of information about Permanent Orienteering Courses in the SE which I have posted as a page to the left of this blog.
Following on from the launch of POC's in Castlecomer Discovery park and Kilkenny castle (reports elsewhere on this blog), we hope to launch a POC at Kennedy park on 27th February at the SE schools competition and at the Towers Lismore shortly. These will be a great resource for training young people in the future and as an outing when there is not any formal orienteering. Thanks to Pat Healy for his assistance with the mapping.
For information about Coillte POC's around the country, click here.