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Saturday, February 21, 2009


POC's refer to Permanent Orienteering Courses not to Pat O'Connor! On a recent trip to Aberdeen, I visited Duthrie Park to see how they had set up a POC. This set of photos is to give people the idea of POC's. They can be set up in any park or local woodland and can be used at any time by schools, families,etc.
They may need to be chained to a tree if there is a risk of vandalism...
Markers can be screwed to a gate or fence

Markers can be up a tree or at ground level....

Sample of map available from the Aberdeen City Council

May be on a short post

A plaque that is being proposed for Irish POC's and which would be easy to replace. May not be suitable for all locations. Used in Cork City.

And another one from Sweden (thanks to DH)

Knockanaffrin Results

Waterford Orienteers hosted a very successful orienteering event at Clondonnell woods at Knockanaffrin in the Comeragh Mountains on Sunday 15th February.
The numbers were boosted to 120 participants by members of the Irish Junior Squad and their mentors plus a contingent of Defence Forces orienteers.
Full results and splits can be found on the IOA website

Thank you in particular to Norman and Elizabeth Storey, Jana and Angela Cox who helped organise the event.

Brown Course 7.9 km, 340 metre climb.
1. Darren Burke (Cork O) 57.24
2. Colm Hill (CNOC) 59.28
3. Conor Short (CNOC) 67.58
4. Dermot O’Sullivan (BOC) 69.04
5. Hugh Cashell (CNOC) 73.33
6. Paul Hourihan (DFO) 76.41

Blue Course 6.9km, 280 metres of climb.
1. Cillian Corbett (Cork O) 67.19
2. Willie Fitzgerald (Cork O) 68,21
3. Liam Gahan (Wato) 69.09
4. John McCullough (3 Roc) 70.48
5. Kevin Grant (Wato) 71.09
6. Brian Flannelly (Cork ) 74.09

Green Course 5.2 km, 190 metres climb
1. David Healy (GEN) 31.25
2. Eoin McCullough (3Roc) 44.27
3. Alex Simonin (BOC) 46.16
4. Brian Hill (CNOC) 47.21
5. Josh O’Sullivan-Hourihan (BOC) 49.13
6. Ruth Lynam (CNOC) 51.46

Light Green 4.4km, 125 metre climb
1. Frank O’Brien (Cork O) 46.46
2. Leslie Coughlin (MCBS) 47.24
3. Norman Storey (Wato) 52.54
4. Brendan Wall (MCBS) 52.59
5. Cliona McCullough (3 Roc) 54.09
6. Peter O’Brien (MCBS) 54.19
7. Jim Hoare (FIN) 59.10

Red Course 4.8 km, 145 metre climb
1. Darragh Lane (MCBS) 48.29
2. Eddie Hogan (FIN) 61.35
3. Mark Hoare (FIN) 61.43
4. Clodagh and Niamh (St Pauls Scouts) 67.19
5. Paddy and Donal Walsh (Fethard Scouts) 71.04
6. Tommy Gahan and Ryan Hammond (Fethard) 88.56
7. Caoillinn Brady (Wato) 93.44

Yellow Course 3.2km, 80 metre climb
1. Sean (St Pauls Scouts) 42.22
2. Jerry Sullivan 44.11
3. Aidan McCullough (3Roc) 47.10
4. Ciara Fitzgerald (Cork O) 47.52
5. Norah O’Brien (Cork O) 47.53
6. Emma Pim (Wato) 50.09
7. Sinead and Aoife (St Pauls Scouts) 52.54

Monday, February 9, 2009

SE League 5 at Knockanaffrin

..............Start times between 11 and 1.
Follow signs from Rathgormuck to Clonmel road...see map below.

..................Thanks to the Con (troller)for the Pix.