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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Family fun in Uslar, Germany

The Cox family headed off to Germany to compete in the Uslar 5 day event from July 28th to August 2nd. This was a return visit after great memories of 2004, the last time the region held this event.

A family event with some 18 countries represented. Local knowledge proved a big advantage to the German contingent. Trying to complete 5 days without injury and mispunching is a challenge in itself. On a personal basis I had a disaster on one control on the first day and was playing catch up after that. I managed to pull up over 20 minutes on the competitor ahead of me to finish 8th out of 16 on the M40 course. I reckoned if I was travelling that far, I would prefer to attempt courses between 7 and 8 km rather than around 6km which was on offer for the M50's.
Angela was 5th out of 10 on the W50, Jana 6th out of 9 on W14 and Laura 5th out of 8 behind 5 Germans on the W16! None of us had reckoned on the steep climbs on some of the days and heat!