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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fitting Conclusion to National Heritage Week

Sunny weather, at least one wheelchair and some enthusiastic families took part in a Trail O event at JFK Arboretum amongst the fuschia, budhlia and butterflies. A further 11 experienced the joys of a Score event.

Please see map and results below

Trail O = maximum score 100 points; Score O = maximum of 250 points
Andrew Pim 100+250 = 350 (42 minutes)
Ed Niland 100+250 = 350 (42 minutes)
John Casey 90+240= 330 (36 minutes)
Niall McEvoy 90+ 240 = 330 (56 minutes)
Ray McEvoy 90+ 230=320 (53 minutes)
Laura Cox (90, planner of Trail O) + 200 = 290 (58 minutes)
Angela Cox 90+ 100=190 (60 minutes)
Con Murphy 80 +120-10 =190 (63 minutes)
Ronan Kelly n/c + 250-150=100 (110 minutes)
Lisa Larkin 50+30=80 (60 minutes)
Nicola Reville 50+30=80 (60 minutes)

Trail O only (max 100)
Ian McHardy 100
Liisa Honkasaari 90
Brid Casey 90
Jana Cox 90
Hugh McEvoy 90
Eileen McEvoy 90
Ita McEvoy 90
Jacob Pim 90
Jonathan Pim 90
Emma Pim 90
Cathy McEvoy 70
Mick McEvoy 70
Richard Roche and Rachael 40
Pat and Ellen Carroll 30
Johnson extended family (8) 30
Joan and Jack Hanafin 30

Answers for Trail O event.
1= B; 2=C; 3=B; 4=B; 5=C;6=A;7=B; 8=A (on corrected version) B (on original version); 9= B; 10 = C (or B on appeal!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Use Orienteering to discover your Natural Heritage

We are looking for all our regulars to join many people new to the sport on Sunday 31st August at the end of National Heritage Week. We have even organised a sunny day at Kennedy Arboretum.
Starts between 11 and 2. Full explanation of Trail O is posted below.
For regular orienteers, there will also be a Sprint Orienteering event.There will be a mass start for this at 2 p.m. The only stipulation is that you must have first completed the Trail O course. Participants will have a maximum of one hour to get all the controls. Each control will be worth points and time penalties will incur for this event for those who take longer.
Note the full Autumn fixture list is posted on the right side of the Blog.