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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Davmore event, November 16th, 2008

Full results can be found on the IOA website
Thank you to Pat O'Connor (Planner), Norman Storey (Controller and Start), Elizabeth Storey (registration), Jana and Laura Cox (Computer download)

Yellow course results (punching)
Zach O'Sullivan Hourihan 46.30
Hannah O'Mahony 68.00
Isabella O'Mahony 68.00Hannah Roche 68.00

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tower Hill results

Planner: Andrew Cox; Controls out/in: Con Murphy
Download: Laura Cox; Registration: Jana Cox, Con Murphy; Start: Andrew Cox

Apologies to everyone on the Green course for the missing control (201). I have adjusted the times below...not quite sure how to do it on the IOA website. I have allowed 10 minutes as an average time between control 1 and 3. I have deducted any time spent over this (for instance Niall took over 57 minutes!).

Full results for all courses can be found at :

Green Course (amended results)
1: Lisa Honkasaari, W40: 100.44
2: Niall McEvoy, M16: 104.12
3: Roger Johnson: M65: 105.14
4: Laura Cox: W16: 126:20
5: Ray McEvoy: M45: 136.35
6: Ian Heggs: M55: 140.08